Background Edit

As a young boy, Floyd Lawton idolized his brother. One day his mother convinced his brother to kill his father. Locked outside, Floyd grabbed a gun so he could disarm his brother and save him from his grim future. He climbed onto a branch, but it broke and Floyd accidentally killed his beloved brother. Floyd became a sharpshooter under the name "Deadshot", and claims to have never missed a target. He first appeared in Gotham City as a new vigilante, with a plan to kill Batman and replace him.However, his plans were revealed and thwarted. Ever since, he has been an enemy of Batman and Gotham's other vigilantes and has teamed up with other villains against the Justice League.

Character Importance Edit

In the Game: Injustice League: The Videogame Deadshot is amongst the villains. He is one constantly seen with Cluemaster, Joker, Riddler and Harley Quinn. He also has been known to have killed Manchester Black. He worked as an assasin for Ra's Al Ghul, Black Spider and Penguin. He has been seen battling Nightwing alongside Brother Blood and Killer Croc. During LEGO Batman 4: Justice Unleahed and LEGO Batman 5: Starro he can be found at Akham Asylum. You battle him and then can buy him for 500,000 Studs in #4 and 350,000 in #5.